About Us

At Hallures. we are passionate about fashion.
A passion for the way clothes are worn, for the materials, for the way they fall, for the silhouettes, for the attitude that emerges from an outfit.
But also a passion for the garment itself, its construction, its details, its history, its design, its use and its evolution over the decades, all the imagination that goes with it.

At Hallures, we select clothes that are functional, comfortable and designed to last for years.
Mostly imported from the American wardrobe, at a time when trends did not exist but quality was essential.

Come and discover our universe in our shop Hallures. in Geneva, Switzerland. A concentrate of emotions and sharing around fashion.

We are always available if you have any questions.
By email: hello@hallures.com or by Instagram @hallures.vintage

We will be happy to answer you.

See you soon,