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Authentic and Quality Vintage Clothing

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Newly Vintage Season

The First Winds of Autumn

We have selected for you some vintage essentials. Iconic, timeless and high quality pieces, mostly from American wardrobes. Have style for a long time.

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Fall Essentials

The Hunting Golden Canvas Jacket

Golden brown cotton canvas hunting jacket dating from the late 1930s to early 1960s.

Our Sustainable Values

At Hallures, we like Quality, Timeless and Durable clothes designed for us to wear for several years, without getting tired. Why create new clothes when you can just Re-use what has already been designed?

Millions of tons of clothes have been Produced in excess of our real needs so why continue to waste and produce over and over again.
Unfortunately, it is still cheaper to make products than to update products from the past.

We believe in the healthy values of reusing products from the past that are still alive, no need to produce again and again and waste.

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